toddler gymnastics

Do you have a 3 yr old who is full of energy and looking for a place for him/her to channelize their energy?? 

*RnR fit’s Toddler Gymnastics program gives a toddler an introduction to the world of gymnastics.

The program provides kids a fun way to learn basic gymnastics focusing on body conditioning, body forms and flexibility. 

* This is a great opportunity for your little one to explore the active world of walking, crawling, jumping, rolling, hopping, climbing, and swinging together. It is a great activity to prepare for school and provide enjoyment and physical development.  

*It’s a great way to bond with your little ones and also make learning fun for them. 

*The programme improves balance, flexibility, coordination, agility, strength and much more. 

*it helps develop their mind and body together which further enhances their quality of life. 

**Every gymnast at this level has to commit to taking 1 class per week. 

Class duration is 60min

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