Cartwheels And Backflips at RnR Fit

“Tearing your kids away from TV is not such a difficult task” – a statement made by a Whitefield parent.

Sounds like something that most of us have on our wishlist. But this can be reality too, if your kids are a part of the gymnastic fun in Whitefield at RnR Fit. In fact, the statement made earlier, comes from a Whitefield parent whose kids are a regular at this gymnastic facility and totally love their routine – so much, that they are unwilling to let go of a single class.

Bang on the Varthur main road, near Mainland China, is this 5000 sq ft of colorful, fun and a professional gymnastic facility for kids and adults. RnR Fit offers professional gymnastic training for kids of all ages. From developing basic motor skills and body coordination for toddlers to learning ropes, bars and benches for kids and adults, RnR Fit offers it all, under one roof.

When I visited this place, I was pleasantly surprised on various counts. First – the location itself. Right on the main road and yet away from the noise. You might assume the place as a garage from the outside, but that is only because it shares the campus with one. Having said that, because of this space sharing, there is plenty of parking available within the gates – a huge plus given the traffic on Varthur road.

The next surprise I got, was on entering the gym. The sheer size of it!!! I could immediately see why kids loved the space. Personally, I don’t think any of the apartment complexes in our neighborhood offers such a large space just for the kids. RnR Fit has further added charm to the place with its colorful mats and equipment.

And it is not just the type and variety of equipment but the attention to safety that totally had me in awe of this facility. The 16 ft long foam pit as a soft landing for kids, the well grounded bars and most importantly, the clean equipments.

Further more, I also, figured that it is not just any coach that trains the kids here, but certified coaches from the Mumbai based Academy – The Gymnast. The Gymnast is known to train professionals in gymnastics for Commonwealth games and International competitions. RnR Fit brings this very coaching to our own neighbourhood.

With World class equipment and professional coaches, RnR Fit has ensured that they erase any anxiety that a parent may have w.r.t to the safety of sending their kids here. Need to see it for yourself ? Check out this video of the kids at RnR Fit.

Besides gymnastics, RnR Fit also, offers the following-

Rhythm and Rhyme parent-child classes for kids from 6 months of 5 years

Nrityarutya dance classes

Barre Fusion for adults

Kungfu classes

Autism Fitness classes.

RnR Fit keeps adding activities to its repetoire and is soon going to be offering Bboying as well.

RnR Fit is not just about classes. It offers you a great venue to host your kids’ birthday. With a dedicated party room, an access to the gymnastics and the favored sponge pit, every kid who has celebrated or attended the party here has left with a smile and a phrase – “awesome party”.

It is no wonder that you have the Whitefield parents making statements like “Tearing your kids away from TV is not such a difficult task“. All you need to do is head to RnR Fit and get yourselves enrolled. As a special incentive for the Whitefielders – you can try out your first class for Free.

So, what are you waiting for? Click on this link to access the RnR Fit website or call them on +91 9632961700

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