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RnR fit is a dedicated gymnastics academy offering Recreational and Professional gymnastics. We are spread across 5500sq ft located at Thubrahalli in Whitefield very close to Mainland China. This state of the art facility is the best in Bangalore city. Introducing and promoting Gymnastics is our vision at RnR fit and we would like schools across Bangalore to come visit our facility with their students. There is no better way to introduce your school students to the mother of all sports. Our national level coaches conduct our gymnastics program and are energetic with kids from the age of 2yrs upto 14yrs.

On Thursday and Friday Morning we dedicate the academy to schools who are keen to introduce their children to a fit way of life. This is what we offers during school visits.

a. We conduct a 1hour session with the kids where they experience fitness and strength building exercises, learn basic gymnastic skills and drills.

b. We prefer a size of 30-40kids in one batch. The facility can accommodate more than 250 kids at one time but if we split them in batches its easier to manage.

c. Our warm up activities comprise of running, hopping, skipping followed by an obstacle course. Some basic gymnastic exercises and floor skills are introduced in a fun manner. At the introduction level we only introduce the kids to basic skills that need to be done on the floor and on specific equipments such as the balance beam and horizontal bars. Finally we end with jumping into the sponge pit which is the best part of the trip.

d. Our national level coaches also spend 15-20 min talking to the children about healthy food habits and how to keep themselves fit and healthy.

e We have ample bus parking as well.

Children need to come on a light stomach. We have noticed that the kids get exhausted with an hour activity but if you would like us to spread it to a 1.5 hour activity we can do the same.

Children need to carry their own water bottles.


We charge Rs 125/- per child.

We request the school to distribute RnR fit fliers so parents know about us. We will hand over a bunch to the teachers. For further details please call Ms Viv @ 96329-61700

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