RnR Fit Invitational Gymnastics Meet

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RnR Fit Invitational Gymnastics Meet

The sweltering heat and highest high temperatures that took over Bangalore this year failed to dampen the spirit of over 150 participants of the of the “RnR Fit Invitational Gymnastics Meet” held on 23rd and 24th of April.

RnR Fit, Whitefield Bangalore- a place for gymnasts young and old – hosted arguably the first of its kind competitive event in the city. With the best in class infrastructure and participations from academies across India, RnR Fit, put our city, otherwise known to be the breeding ground for sports like badminton/ tennis and cricket, on the national map of gymnastics.

For a lot of us gymnastics is just another form of exercise and like all other exercises it benefits physically in many ways. However there are some advantages that are specific to gymnastics. With the huge focus on building balance, flexibility, strength, agility, coordination, and posture, gymnastics at an early age acts as one of the best introductory sport form. “Post 3- 4 years of practicing gymnastics 20- 25% of our children drop out to pursue other sports. More than 80% of them come back to tell us how well they are performing because of their sound base in gymnastics” said Mr. Pawan Bhoir Founder of Bhoir school of Gymnastics from Mumbai. Amit’s parents at the venue corroborated to this POV mentioning that their elder son, a cricket enthusiast practiced gymnastics for 3 years before getting into serious cricket coaching. Imbibing cricket techniques was far easier for him because of the coordination ability, flexibility and stamina he learnt through gymnastics

The advantage of gymnastics is also the fact that you can start really early. With music – tempo built in as a part of the routine children find it far easier to break in and pay attention. However as with most activities with children, when a child is encouraged to challenge his limits parents need to step up to help them sustain. Most of the regional round winners who came to Bangalore – had been practicing gymnastics 6 days a week for close to 2 hours after the age of 7 and for 1- 2hours 2- 3 days a week below the age of 7. “Post 10 years however for an advanced gymnastics student coaches are empowered to plan routines and number of hours depending on the child’s ability and requirement. Unfortunately, in India sustenance is also governed by parent’s intent” said Coach Harish Parab who was responsible for organizing this event.

As a parent who wished not to be named mentioned at the venue “if facilities in Bangalore are like RnR Fit- state of art – you have no excuse not to perform and take advantage of this sport. In some of the regional round venues, we were worried because something as basic as parallel bars were hired !!”

What “RnR Fit Invitational Gymnastics Meet” additionally showcased is the mushrooming of gymnastics as a sport. For most Bangaloreans who view this as an elite sport this event was an eye opener. With children from all walks of life excelling in this sport it became clear that gymnastics is here to stay -in spite of its relatively limited celebrity status and perks compared to other sports. From Sanidhya Raghtate, a young boy with a family of gymnast to Meet Bhanushali, son of a staff in one of the gymnastics’ academy – all were inspired, aware and most importantly focused on making this their core sport.

With best in class facilities like RnR Fit in Bangalore; Bhoir School of Gymnastics in Thane; PTKS (Prabodhankar Thackeray Krida Sankul) in Mumbai, Samaratha Gymnastics Academy in Nagpur further fueling this growth – India qualifying for Olympics in gymnastics might become a regular affair soon.


– The RnR Fit Team would like to thank Pelki Tshering for writing this article!!! 


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