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for Kids, Teens and Adults by RnR Fit Gymnastics Academy
"How can I build my child's immune system"? "What can i do to ensure my kids are fit"? "How can i help myself instead of worrying about the worst"? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves as parents everyday. Lets fight this together and ensure we build strong and healthy kids. With parks and play areas closed most of our kids fitness and gross motor development has taken a back seat. Join us in a structured fitness with gymnastics program developed for Children aged 7+. Help your child learn fun skills like a perfect forward roll, Wallback Handstand , Cartwheel and more from the comfort of your living room. RnR Fit coaches are well equipped and qualified to conduct basic online fitness with gymnastics classes. Over 70 of our competitive gymnasts and level 1-4 gymnasts have been part of our intermediate and advanced online training program since March 2020. With the support of our certified Sports Therapist, our lesson plans and daily challenges have been challenging and a lot of fun. The benefits of gymnastics have been proven through scientific studies and it has been deemed one of the best forms of exercise for one's overall wellness and health. Gymnastics helps to- build self-esteem and moral, improve determination, fight depression, improve sleep quality and with weight loss.
Can you Actually Learn Gymnastics Online from Home?
Yes, anyone can begin gymnastics training at home! All you really need is a mat and at least 10ft x 10ft space around you. Before starting a class, ensure there are no sharp objects or pieces of furniture near you. It is important to remember that gymnastics is not only about flips and twists but also a fitness and basic body form that is essential and this is what we'll start with, learning the basics!
Why Join the RnR Fit Gymnastics Live Online at Home Classes when there are Many Free Internet Videos?
Our LIVE online classes are NOT PRE-RECORDED. We come to you LIVE for each and every class with 2 coaches - one coach demonstrates the workout LIVE while the other coach monitors the students. To ensure the best productivity between the instructors and the participants, the class size will be limited. We coach using a step by step approach- every skill has a set of drills to be learnt first before you master the skill.
When and for How long are these Classes?
Online classes for 2-3 times a week. Days and time can be customised. The duration of each live class is approx. 45-60 mins. As for the number of classes and on what day, the choice is entirely up to you! Make sure you first come try the FREE DEMO. The FREE DEMO will only be 30 mins- sign up by clicking the link below.
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