Do’s and Dont’s

What to do & What not to do

Gymnastics at all levels is a wonderful sport; however, parents & gymnasts need to recognise that it can be a very challenging sport. It is therefore imperative that children & parents are disciplined within RnR Fit Gymnastics Academy.

  1. BE PUNCTUAL Gymnastics is a discipline. Be punctual at each class when being dropped off and picked-up. If you are more than 5 minute late you might be denied entry in class. Warm-up is critical and helps in avoiding injuries.
  2. COME TO YOUR DESIGNATED CLASS ONLY Gymnast’s parents must corporate with the management and ensure the gymnast comes to his / her designated class every time.
  3. MAKE UP CLASS MUST BE SCHEDULED One make up class per month is allowed. Make up class must be scheduled within the same month of the missed class.
  4. WEAR APPROPRIATE GYMNASTICS CLOTHING Gymnast should wear appropriate gymnastics clothing in every class (RnR Fit leotard / Practice shoes & T-shirts) During RnR Fit events and competitions RnR Fit Leotards are a must.
  5. LONG HAIR TO BE TIED Gymnasts with long hair must have their hair tied before entering the gym. No clips / hair pins please.
  6. NO JEWELLERY Gymnasts should not wear jewellery at any time. This is for safety reasons. Please remove it before the class. Stud earrings allowed.
  7. WATER BOTTLE TO BE CARRIED Gymnasts must bring their own water bottle to every class.
  8. COACHES INSTRUCTIONS NEED TO BE FOLLOWED Gymnasts must always follow the coach’s instructions. If you do not follow instructions you will be asked to leave the gym.
  9. NO RUNNING IN THE GYM UNSUPERVISED Gymnasts must never run in the gym unsupervised. Always look out to check that you are not walking in front of any apparatus being used by others.
  10. PLAYING ON EQUIPMENT IS NOT ALLOWED Gymnasts are forbidden to “play” on equipment unsupervised at any time. This can lead to injury. Equipment in the gym needs to be used with care.
  11. ALWAYS TAKE THE COACH’S PERNISSION Gymnasts must ask to go to the toilet or take a water break. Do not walk away from training without asking the coach in charge.
  12. PAIN IS TEMPORARY Gymnasts requires flexibility and strength. Gymnasts will need to endure pain which will make the body strong and enhance flexibility.
  13. DO NOT HAVE SHORT TERM GOALS Gymnastics is a challenging sport and every child progresses at a different pace from one skill to other. Repetition is the key to safe gymnastics. Parents be patients please. Always encourage your gymnast before and after class. During class please do not mentor them.
  14. PARENTS DON’T COACH Parents don’t interfere with the coach’s coaching duties. We assure you, that gymnast is in capable hands. We request you to drop your child and come back to pick them up, rather than waiting in the viewing area. You are only making them conscious and uncomfortable.
  15. BE RESPECTFUL Gymnasts and their parents are expected to show respect to follow a gymnasts, parents, coaches, RnR fit management and staff. The management reserves the right to exclude a gymnast/ parent from the academy, should his /her behaviour prove to be disruptive or offensive.

Nobody said “GYMNASTICS is EASY”


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