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RnR Fit is an exclusive gymnastic studio offering Professional and Recreational Gymnastics. Classes and Curriculum is designed to help kids experience a lifetime of fitness. Did you know? Gymnastics, along with athletics and swimming, has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee as one of the three foundation sports from which all others stem. The reason being, gymnastics help develop strength, flexibility, agility, balance, coordination... the list goes on and on.

Our mission at RnR Fit is to promote gymnastics as a sport and give youngsters an opportunity to push their physical limits, building a rock solid foundation of agility, strength, flexibility, determination and confidence.

We provide a state of the art facility with international standard equipment in a 5000 sq ft Gymnastics Academy with qualified gymnasts as trainers.

GET your KIDS OFF the COUCH and into the GYM.

With changing trends these days and the introduction of new and sophisticated play tools running, cycling, skipping seem to be games kids played in the past. Today children live more of the sedentary lifestyle. iPad’s, iPod’s ,and video games have taken the place of outdoor and physical games. The sort of lifestyle they’re leading at present can lead to diverse health related issues as they grow old.

Sitting near the TV or computer for extended hours is really one of the important reasons of children becoming fat and unhealthy. Unhealthy foods while watching TV is just another important contributor to the same.
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