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Gymnastics fitness drills reviewed

Dear Parent,

Welcome to the amazing world of sports. Gymnastics, along with athletics and swimming, has been recognized by the International Olympic Committee as one of the three foundation sports from which all others stem.

You have seen your children learn several new tricks in the past few months. Their strength, flexibility, agility, balance and coordination has improved as they attend each class.

However, their training does not end at class.  Your child should follow a home workout routine which includes sprinting and strengthening exercises. We recommend a short 30 to 45 minutes everyday. This is analogous to homework for academics.

Listed below is a short workout of 10 exercises that we recommend.

BEGINNER/LEVEL 1 (Workout at Home)

1Running/Jogging10 min or 1km
2Sprints100 to 200 mts twice
3Side hop running200 mts once
4Straight toe jumps50 to 100 times
5Tuck Jumps30 times
6Split jumps30 times
7Knee Pushups for fresher & straight Pushups for others20 repsX3 Sets
8Leg press drills for splits(straddle)20 times
9Side splits and forward splits(straddle)20 times each
10Bridge Practice60 secs X 5 reps

After the workout, the child should relax by sitting in Padmasana for a minute.

We will also be sending out a fun way where you and your kids can engage in a family workout.

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