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Our mission at RnR Fit is to promote gymnastics as a sport and give youngsters an opportunity to push their physical limits, building a rock-solid foundation of agility, strength, flexibility, determination, and confidence. With changing trends these days and the introduction of new and sophisticated play tools, running, cycling, skipping seem to be games kids played in the past. Today children live more of a sedentary lifestyle. iPad’s, iPod’s, and video games have taken the place of outdoor and physical games. The sort of lifestyle they’re leading at present can lead to diverse health-related issues as they grow old.

Why choose RnR Fit

* We assess our gymnasts across each level every 6months

* Our program is a level-based progression program.

* We follow structured lesson plans.

* Our coaches are certified, national-level gymnasts

* Our international standard equipment ensures the safety of kids.

* We are Karnataka's premier gymnastics academy.

* Our accolades speak about our training success.

* Our female gymnasts are Karnataka's national champions in 2019-2020 across the U11. U14 and U17 age groups.

* Our boys have won in the U12 category across 4 apparatus at the national level.

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