Birthday party

Birthdays @ RnR Fit

In today’s world parents have a number of options to celebrate the special day of their little one. However, a birthday that will have the children asking for more and leaving them feeling elated, energised and completely happy are hard to come by.

At RnR Fit, we offer your child a birthday experience that can tick most of the boxes mentioned above.

An RnR birthday is different, personalised and curated exactly to fit the child’s needs.

From learning the donkey kick to braving obstacle courses, trampolines to music and jumping into the sponge pit, the RnR experience is FUN from the word go.

Our 5000 sqft of studio space can easily.

accommodate more than 30 kids. Kids will engage with a personal entertainer who will take them through a series of activities, games and obstacle courses among other things.

Additionally, Music and Movement will only add to the fun.

The best is saved for the last: Our “one of a kind” and most popular activity:


Kids have a blast jumping and flipping into the sponge pit. Designed to overcome the fear of falling in gymnasts, this is one of the most well received spaces in our studio. The sponge pit is a favourite among kids and adults alike!

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