Adult Gymnastics

Most people over 25 believe that they are too old to start gymnastics. This notion is not true. 15, or 25 might be too late to start gymnastics if the intent is to become an Olympic competitor, but it is never too late to gain the benefits from practicing this sport. Gymnastics not only improves performance in other sports, but also improves overall fitness and functional strength to a level that most people never attain.

Gymnastics is all about resistance training and doctors are finally coming to realize and publicly acknowledge the long term benefits to resistance training.

Here are a few reasons why Adult Gymnastics is good for you !

1. It will increase your flexibilty

One of the areas that most other fitness programs are sadly lacking in are streching and flexibility. There is a strong focus on flexibility in gymnastics. Being flexible allows for greater joint mobility, improves circulation and helps to prevent joint injury.  Most gymnastics skills are greatly benefited by flexibility and others are simply impossible without the proper flexibility. Gymnasts are among the most flexible athletes in the world. If flexibility is trained throughout ones life a high degree of flexibility can be maintained.

2. It will make you crazy strong:

You might not have guessed it, but gymnasts are the strongest, of all the Olympic athletes.
Holding yourself upside down for long periods of time, flipping through the air, using rings and bars and all the other amazing stuff involved in gymnastics will get you seriously strong. Training in gymnastics even as an amateur will get you upper body strength, core strength and power like no other workout can do.

3. You’ll become more coordinated.

Taking part in gymnastics will increase your coordination by helping you gain more control over your body. You will notic that you’ve become more coordinated and less “floppy” after only six classes.

4. It will help you overcome fear.

That first time you go to do a handstand into a roll, or a backbend all the way to the floor, or a backflip, front flip, or even a cartwheel, – it’s going to be terrifying. But when you do it—when you actually do what you’d previously thought to be impossible—it opens up a whole new world. Not only does it make you become less fearful and more confident in athletics, it can also translate to other areas of your life, even positively impaction your career, your relationships, and your dreams.

5. It helps you learn to fall without hurting yourself.

Have you ever seen someone fall gracefully—whether in sports, life, or a movie—and wonder how they didn’t get hurt? The secret is that they’ve practiced falling—many times. In gymnastics, you’ll fall over and over, and you’ll start to realize there’s an art to falling without hurting yourself. As a bonus, gymnastics’ will boost your balance, and both skills will help keep you from falling and shattering your hip bone when you’re older.

6. Lastly and most importantly adult gymnastics is fun.

Learning how to tumble, flip, swing, and come as close to self powered flight as is possible is a blast. Gymnastics is anything but boring. There is always another step to learn. It is possible to learn something new every single class or workout that is attended.

If you are an adult and think you are “too old” to start gymnastics, think again ! Find some friends to join with you and come to RnR Fit and enroll in our Adult Gymnastics program NOW !!!